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Mystic Green Quartz 20x15mm Concave Oval

This is a large stone at 20x15mm. Mystic quartz looks just like mystic topaz. They both have similar optical properties; yet quartz has a lower specific gravity than topaz. This means that an equivalent size quartz will weigh about 30% less. This allows for incredible weight and price savings without sacrificing size or beauty. This particular stone has the mystic fire green color -- which is the standard mystic treatment everyone has come to love.

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Product Details
Gem Type : Mystic Quartz
Lot Size : 1
Size : 20x15
Weight : 16.12
Color : Mystic Green
Cut : Oval
Clarity : Very Clean
Grade : AAA
Origin : Brazil
Hardness : 7
Treatment : Azotic Coating
Item Number : mgq20x15ov


Mystic Quartz Gemstone

Mystic Green Quartz 20x15mm Concave Cushion

Mystic Fire Green
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