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Mystic Green Quartz 18mm Concave Heart Shape

Mystic green heart shape 18x18mm gem. This stone has concave cutting, which brings extra fire to the stone. Mystic quartz looks just like mystic topaz. They both have similar optical properties; yet quartz has a lower specific gravity than topaz. This means that an equivalent size quartz will weigh about 30% less. This allows for incredible weight and price savings without sacrificing size or beauty. This particular stone has the mystic fire green color -- which is the standard mystic treatment everyone has come to love.

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Product Details
Gem Type : Mystic Quartz
Lot Size : 1
Size : 18x18
Weight : 18.31
Color : Mystic Green
Cut : Heart
Clarity : Very Clean
Grade : AAA
Origin : Brazil
Hardness : 7
Treatment : Azotic Coating
Item Number : mgq18x18hs


Mystic Quartz Gemstone

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Mystic Fire Green
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